SSI Communication using Arduino Nano for Magnetic Rotary Encoder

I haven't powered the RS422.

Now, I will do it as follows:
RS422 <--> Arduino Nano
TXD (GPIO14, Pin 8) --> D6 (DATA_PIN)
RXD (GPIO15, Pin 10) <-- D5 (CLOCK_PIN)
GND <--> GND
+3V3 (Pin 1) <--> +3V3
+5V (Pin 2) <--> +5V
+5V (Pin 4) <--> +5V

I can't share the pictures right now. The connections are as of this link, there are no additional connections.

This is where using Rasp Pi hats on Arduino becomes difficult.
When that hat is plugged into a Pi, it is supplied with all the connections needed to function with a Pi, including a power supply.
What has to be done is to find which connection on the hat is the 5V supply pin for the hat.

Where on the hat are you getting the connections to the UNO?
You need to put pin numbers on your schematic.

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia: