Standalone Gmail Notifier

I noticed this topic,44958.msg325691.html#msg325691 had no replies so I thought I’d add one:

Seems the Gmail Atom Feed allows an easy way to get info on a gmail account using just a URL.

This URL returns some XML with a list of unread messages in your inbox:

Simply extract the number between the and tags to get the count.

The TextFinder library would make this pretty simple (!

Also, you can check for unread messages using tags. The following gets counts of unread messages tagged as “Family”:

I hope this is useful!

very usefull, even more if you responded to the thread in question ;)

(you still can do that)

The original post was in the old forum which I thought was now read-only, did I miss something or did you?

Anyway, the above works great from a browser but long wordy URLs with authentication embedded are not possible for the Arduino and Ethernet lib AFAIK. I guess it all comes back to Googles tricky authentication process once again.

I did get this working using Arduino code that talked to an intermediate PHP script on a web server.

Any other ideas on how to make this work with a stand-alone 'Duino and an enet shield?

I think it comes back to the ethernet shield library not being able to handle SSL (https port 443) connections.

edit: If you search the forum for one of my email smtp sketches, it shows how to send to Gmail accounts, but you need a commercial ip address or it will be refused.

I test the various provider for the library

And i find this that work for all, but without attachments