State of the art gyro? MPU 6050 GY-521 GY-25?

Dear all,

actually I'm little bit confused. There are much Informations about the MPU 6050 but these are usually many years old. So it feels that the people not using them.

I tried the GY-521 Module and had many problems with him and the IC2 bus (restarting of arduino as example).

I found now the GY-25 Module that is sending the data over serial and does not need the IC2 bus so it looks that the sketch will be smaller.

My question is, what is the "standard" and actual gyro / board for arduino.
I like to use it reliable.

best regards

No standard exists. There are many new MEMS sensor chips every year. Likewise there will be various libraries
of various qualities appearing for these chips as and when someone writes one.

Have you looked to see if Adafruit have any resources on this, they have a lot of learning resources to support
their products, its worth taking a look.

If you want an existing problem solved, you’ll have to post full details including code and circuit and links
to hardware datasheets etc.

I see thank you!

There are Arduino boards with included gyro? I found only the Arduino 101 from intel but it's too much for my case.