Step-Motor - MoreSteps?

Hellou ... i am new into step-Motors so i am sorry if its spam Question.
I am controlling motor + driver by standart exaple for step motors:

> void loop() {
> digitalWrite(dirPin,HIGH);
> for(int x = 0; x < 200; x++) {
*> digitalWrite(stepPin,HIGH); *
*> delayMicroseconds(500); *
*> digitalWrite(stepPin,LOW); *
> delayMicroseconds(500);

... and it works great. Only think is that for Full rotation 360° i have to change "for()" argument to x < 1600.
So it seems like this motor have 1600 steps. which he does not. its pretty standart motor with only 200 steps. With "x < 200" he rotates only 45°. It dosnt seems like skiping steps. There is no load on it.
What am i missing?

my settup:
-Driver: TMC2208
-Motor: Nema17, 2Phase
-Controler: Arduino Nano

Thank you for any answers.

It sounds like your driver is micro stepping the motor. It's a common way to get smoother rotation.

I'd go further and say microstepping is pretty much essential, much less vibration, much quieter,
much less chance of resonant miss-stepping.

Most stepper motors can only show their full performance if you ramp up the
step rate - have a go with the AccelStepper library perhaps? The top speed achievable
will be poor if you try to jump straight to full speed - real motors cannot react instantly,
they obey physics.

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