stepper motor control

Hi, im looking for some advice

Im new to programming and i am having issues with my stepper motor project.

The project is to make a device that control the amount of fertilizer used. I'm using the bipolar stepper motor and arduino uno. my idea is when the person arrived at certain point, the GPS will locate the person and compare with the fertilizer prescription map that was installed in the arduino and arduino will give command to stepper motor to open and close the valve. the the valve will open and spraying the fertilizer until the person move to others location. the opening of valve at certain degree which is 0-close, 45-half open, and 90-full open.

can you give some advice how the coding for this matter. tq

Question here

How you trigger based on man position. GPS gives latitude & longitude. You should calculate person postion.

Like sun tracking algorithm sun position varies hourly. But the man position changes instantly in field.WHat is feedback sensor you are using to give man position??

Instead of that you could use moisture sensor. that will calculate value of resistance then based on that you can easily turnon /off stepper motor .

I can give GPS , other related program . Just gives schematic how you planning to execute.

It is not clear from your description what part of the project you need help with. If you are new to stepper motors you may find stepper motor basics useful.

Have you already bought your stepper motor? From your description a servo might be more appropriate and would be much simpler.

If you already have a stepper then post a link to its datasheet AND to the datasheet for your stepper motor driver.

Is this something a person carries around and the amount discharged will vary with where the person is? Have you satisfied yourself that the GPS will give you suitable position information and that you can relate the GPS output to your table of locations and discharge rates. (I’m thinking more of the logical issues rather than the maths).


what are you in need of ? what do you have that works ?

can you make the stepper move the valve ?

can you get the GPS location to work ?

is the fertilizer being delivered by a tractor or plane or human with a push spreader ? something that will move in a very predictable way ?

or will it be delivered by hand or a hand sprayer that the human can move in any direction at any time ?

I assume you are using a liquid based fertilizer. do you need to control speed of delivery so that a location gets the correct volume ?

if you are just starting, it would seem you need to get a simple flow chart of how you want things to move.