Stepper Motor Lifting Weight


I am working on a project where i need to lift 13 Kg using a preferably stepper motor.

Does anyone know how much weight can one of these motors lift?
The weight will be tied to a rope wound around the shaft.

Thank you.

Can't lift any weight because the rope will slip on the shaft.

We Will ensure it will not slip by tightening the rope between two nuts that will be soldered to the shaft.

Come back when you have that done and the rope does not slip. What is the diameter of the rope and will you ever need to have the rope wind up over itself?

With a suitable gearbox, a surprisingly large weight.

How fast is the weight to be lifted? The more gearing, the slower the lift.

Can we take it that its not a rope but a string - these motors only have a 5mm diameter shaft.

The torque required to lift 13kg load is 13 * 9.8 * R, where R is the effective radius of the winch drum in metres. Effective means to the centre of the string from the centre of the axle.

Steppers have much less dynamic torque than there holding torque, so it can be tricky to figure out what the available torque is for a stepper motor.