Stepper motor


I found this circuit to drive bipolar steppers.

And i'd like to drive a stepper like this:

the stepper specs are:

What voltage should I use to drive this stepper? 12v?

Also, regarding the NPN transistor, will a BC547 do? Is there a cheaper alternative for the bc547?

Thanks in advance

with that rating your probably want 4.5v which is the minimum you can put through a L293 iirc.

You can connect the INs and ENs directly to the arduino without a transistor

The original photo and some info is here : Lineaire Actuator aansturen - Forum - Circuits Online
There is a circuit board attached to the stepper motor. What is on that circuit board ? !

It is a "SONCEBOZ 7178 R001".
It is a linear actuator, controlled by a bipolair stepper motor.

There is some information on the internet, but you might have to use Google Translate:

Do you live in the Netherlands ?

I haven't used the L293s (though I have some here to test at some point), but I'd be very cautious about killing them (not to mention the motor). How are you driving it? Is there current limiting in place? I hope so because 12v through 7ohm = 1.7A, so you either need some big (power wasting) resistor in place or some fancier current limiting. Hopefully someone who knows more can chime in.

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