STM32F1 Arduino Core Zip file from Github

Hi Everybody.

I would like to know what to do with the zip file after down loaded.

I did unzip the Core (files) to C:\Programfiles(x86)\Arduino\Hardware\Arduino .. but when I open the Arduino ide the STM option is not available in Board Manager.

Thanks in advance.

Where did you get your zip file from? I know at least 2 different cores for STM32F1.

Usually it is the best to get a .json install path, copy it as additional Boards Manager URL in preferences and install the core by means of the boards manager. If there are already other URL's append it separated by a comma.

For Roger Clarks core:

for the STM core:

My favourite for STM32F1 is the core of Roger Clark, but the STM core supports more ( I think nearly all ) STM32 devices.

This is where I got the Core but not sure what core it is.

Thanks for the link I used it before but somehow lost it .. much less complicate to use the Library manager.

That's STM's core

Sorry I must have said Boards Manager.

I already thought that was a typo :wink:

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