Strange that it's so hard to get USB-C to microUSB cable? See mine.

So, I see myself as a fairly normal person. I have a laptop that has all USB-C ports (macbook pro of course.) And I use various arduinos, many of which have the small microUSB plug. MicroUSB is also used by about a zillion android phones... it's not rare.

So, it seems that it would be quite common that people would want a cable that has USB-C to microUSB? People don't want to use dongles forever, right?

Large IT malls had none. Even online sites, you wade through hundreds of cables that have USB-C to one other other weirdo flavors of microUSB.

ANYWAY I finally got mine on a chinese eCommerce site. (Amazon is out of reach in my country.)

Where do you live? We have them everywhere, all stores are selling them today...


wow. Well, I do live in bangkok. But this place has tons of IT malls etc.

But I guess you are right. I just looked at and it's not hard to find them.

I guess the places I should direct my criticism to are:

  • the IT malls in Bangkok.
  • the two asian eCommerce sites that are big here, aliExpress and Lazada. Found one on aliexpress only after digging through many false hits.

and perhaps the story is this... it could be that the majority of people that are eager for USB-C to microUSB are people with apple laptops? and the proportion of people with those over here is smaller... they're expensive for the average person here, only the wealthy would have them.

I like Aliexpress but find quite often it does not provide the search results i want unless I use the correct terms.
Amazon is not much better (apart from being over priced).

In my case I simply purchased a few of those small adaptors.
Mine had a small hole big enough to put a small "C" ring on which I simply slipped over the USB cord so it never gets lost.


Laptops I am familiar with have USB-A ports, not C. Only the phones have C. Most slave devices had USB-B Mini, and more have USB-B micro these days.

Laptops I am familiar with have USB-A ports, not C. Only the phones have C.

well, there are the mac laptops... these days they have only usb-C... at least the macbook pros. that's the one that got me into this great search.