Looking for micro USB breakout board (slim/skinny)

Hey gang-

Hoping someone can help me find or knows where I can get these from.

I make some odd side projects (edge lit acrylic signs..etc).. that I use a micro USB pcb/breakout boards to solder in as a power input.

I don't care about a pcb color or 'brand/maker'..etc.. its about the size. These have no more width than the micro usb port itself.

Appreciate if anyone has run across these at their on-line fav places...or if I just missed them on ebay/amazon..etc.


Adafruit has these:

Seems you can get close, but not quite the same width. :grin:


They need to slide into 3/8 housing!

Insanely weird that I cant seem to find these anymore.. (with all the electronic/pcb variants in the market)

I suppose I could just design my own? (but I have never designed or used a PCB manufacturer where I can 'snap' my boards apart/off) All my designs have been from China, 10 single pcbs for $10. :slight_smile:

I have seen some USB-C types.. that do -not- have extra PCB width beyond the UCB-C port itself..

(how much wider are UCB-C ports?) hmmmm..

Thanks everyone for taking a look!


Thanks.. but -not- effective at all.. :slight_smile: )

The WIDTH is the issue.. and these specific ones are wider than most boards around.

Ever designed a PCB?

Did you read above?


Have you ever soldered SMD/do you know a way to get SMD parts soldered?


Manually soldered SMD parts (down to 0603 I believe)... and also reflowed many custom project from scratch.
As noted above.. the only thing I have -not- done is designed in a way or used a manufacturer where you have multiple pcbs in the end that can be separated by snapping them apart.

This would obviously be my last desired path though, as ordering the parts.. waiting for both PCBS and micro USB ports.. then 'making them' .. :slight_smile:

Would be much easier to just find the OG part.,., or a variant with the same width. (but doesnt look like its possible currently)

Yeah, the time is the problem.

The upside is that you can get 50 boards and 50 connectors and never have this problem again.

That is called panellization. I've not done it but the manufacturer I use offers this (allpcb.com). I guess many others do also. You simply specify how many rows and columns and they sort out the scoring.

Yes..."panellization" (I couldnt think of the word) :frowning:

I'll have to check out that link (thanks!) My other places (although its been a while since I sent out for custom boards) never offered that, you had to design it.. and use some sort of v-carve (tool/line) to note it.. which I never done before.

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Looks like you might be able to sand one of these down to fit:

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ahh.. thanks! USB to 5v (never saw one of those before?) lol

Definitely an option now!

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