REplace USB type B with USB-C

Hi, have Arduino Uno, but would like to have it USB-C like my Samsung Galaxy S8 so I can use the same car charger.
Cheers and great job.

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Exactly, the connectors will be damaged more quickly and they could sell more UNOs in result. :slight_smile:
It is not easy to make such change on the board. Each change in design has impact to profit. USB on the UNO is pretty durable and in my opinion it is the best for this format of the board. The most of chargers has A type socket so it is not problem to use different cable.

And of course there are adaptors galore on Ebay and Amazon that take one type and make it into another.

I like the bigger more reliable connectors myself.

I have a bag full of those tiny ones that have been bent or squashed (not by me I might add).

What’s funny is that a few posts down someone is asking to put the A on the Nano instead of the C.

OP have you considered the Nano? Same chip same code but has the connector you want.

Delta_G, that's false. The Nano does not have a USB-C connector. As of March 15, 2018, it the website says it "works with a Mini-B USB cable". (see Arduino Nano — Arduino Online Shop )

USB Mini-B is not particularly a great connector. USB Type-C is a much more sturdy connector that is better in every way than regular USB: it's more compact than USB-A or USB-B, it can carry more current (it can carry 100W!) than they can (even if they're USB 3.0), it has significantly higher data speeds (you can transmit HD video over a tiny USB cable!), and it's rated for a larger number of connect/disconnection cycles than USB Micro-B.

Speaking of Micro-B, Micro-B is really not a great connector. But at least it's become fairly standard. USB Mini-B doesn't even have that going for it. There was a short while where it looked like Mini-B was going to take off, but in the end Micro-B won. Everyone has Micro-B cables in their house, whether it's from their phone, their chrome-cast, or who knows what else. Whereas if you have an Arduino Nano it's probably the only reason to you have a USB Mini-B cord.


Clearly you overlooked the point that a lot of USB 3.0 chip-sets don't work with many of the arduinos or are hit and miss to say the very least.

I prefer the current selection of ports rather than adopting a new one that many people cannot use.
The USB connector also varies on the source as the clones have been moving to the micro connector for the UNO's.

The forum is littered with posts about non connecting or intermittent connecting boards of many types with a selection of connectors...The standard fix for anyone with those issues is to insert a standard USB 2.0 powered hub between the offending USB 3.0 and the Arduino.

Just some context.

"Clearly you overlooked the point that a lot of USB 3.0 chip-sets don't work with many of the arduinos"

USB-C isn't only about usb3.0. If you look at USB-C pinout, you would know that there is usb2.0 data + and - and regular usb 5V and GND.

This is all about the connector. My phone uses type C, my earphones uses type C. I dont have good quality microUSB cable anymore(i have Leonardo, UNO with this fckin type B would be even worse to find). Everyone is adopting type C so why arduino doesn't do that?

USB-C isn't only about usb3.0. If you look at USB-C pinout, you would know that there is usb2.0 data + and - and regular usb 5V and GND.

True but that does not get around the problem that some USB 3.0 chipsets still dont work with Arduino's.
Dont take my word for that as the forums are littered with examples.
As is the internet itself for more than just Arduino's.

The connector is fine and who knows Arduino might adopt it at some point.
As of right now that is not the case.

Personally I dont have any issues finding USB connectors all the way back.
I go as far as thrift stores to pick up cables and PSU's for pennies.

Yeah Arduinos need HMDI :smiley:

To actually help you and don't make you upset:

Try to use some breakout board like this one

Solder it to the corresponding pins of your UNO
Glue the board on your UNO

And you are done. As easy as that.

Prove me wrong in terms of protocols not working with this board (or with "chipset" errors like ballscrewbob said).

I think that USB-C connectors would be a good update to Arduinos--especially for the Mega. The insertion count for the C and Micro connectors are the same at 10,000 cycles. The C connector is reversible.

Using a large type-B connector on the Mega means that the cable as a larger bend radius, and puts needless pressure on the board.

If Arduino doesn't do it, some other company will.