suitable accurate sensor for impact force measurement on foot landing

I am trying to measure the impact force while running ; i tried using force sensitive resistors (fsr) but they can only measure upto a certain limit(50 Newton for the fsr i used) ,also they are not accurate enough.I am looking for other suggestions for a better accurate sensor with a higher range of force measurement(upto 150kg ) which can be planted inside the shoe under the feet or under the shoe.The load cells are also there but they are bigger in size so they be planted inside or under the shoes. Please guide me.


Yeah that can solve the problem but it is a commercial and costly(according to me I did not query the company) , if you can suggest some alternate cheap solutions with approximately same accuracy(a little lower is fine too), it would be a great help.
Thanks for your time and help sir.

The sensors used in the product you linked to are almost certainly FSRs. FSRs are typically used as binary sensors (pressure vs. no pressure) but it seems they are actually pretty accurate and more importantly give reproducible measurements, the main problem is that they're totally non-linear so it takes some work to go from resistance to force applied. I suppose you also need to calibrate each. So... your choice is basically this: spend a good amount of money on a ready made, known to work sensor; or spend a few months of your time and energy struggling to develop your own and hope you can pull it off.