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I've dealt WS2812B LED's and they are great. Apologies if it's been covered, but are there any other LED like the WS2812B but brighter? I'm looking for something that gives out light for a greater area to light up half a room for example. If anyone could point me in the right direction that'll be great!


there any other LED like the WS2812B but brighter?

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Yes there is: lots of ws2812b leds!!! Seriously, why not?


Hi PaulRB,

I know you what you mean!. But I want something to cover more area. Something like this

Their LEDs would be quite bright aswell.

Well, those are strips of standard size leds (but white only and not individually addressable) so I'm not sure how that's really different to my suggestion...

Can you describe in more detail what you want your leds to do? Do they need to be individually addressable, for example?

The WS2812B LEDs are bright don't get me wrong. But are they powerful enough to be used in different application. Refer to the pictures in the link.

Would the WS2812B be able to produce that amount of light/lumen for those application by putting a lot of WS2812B together? I'm just after some feedback before I go buy a stack of them and test them. Or perhaps a better programmable LED alternative?

Sorry if that's a bit confusing..

This page discusses the lumen output of ws2812b leds, but the outcome is inconclusive.

I still think my original answer still stands; if you use enough leds, they will be bright enough. The trick is putting some numbers to these things so that you can compare them.

Do you know the total lumen output you need, or the lumen output of the examples on that gallery page?

You can get ws2812b leds in strips of 144 per metre as well as 60 and 30.

There are apa104 leds available, but i imagine their output will be similar to ws2812b.

There are higher output rgb leds available, but I've never seen them on strips, they probably require too much current for that, and they need heatsinks, and don't have built-in controllers.

One advantage of using small leds in larger numbers on longer strips is that the heat generated it spread out and can dissipate naturally without extra headsinks.

When using large numbers of ws2812b, you need a very large power supply, or a series of smaller psus, and feed the current into the strip at intervals so you don't overload the conductors on the strip. Also the rate at which you can send data to them slows down. The available memory in the Arduino also limits the number that can be driven, up to around 300 for an Uno for example.

Can also use WS2801 with discrete transistors to drive strings of LEDs from a higher voltage and at higher current rating.
See Figure 8 of the data sheet. I’d probably go with logic level, low Rds, N-channel MOSFET in place of NPN for cooler running parts tho.
AOI514 if thru hole, can find similar SMD parts.

WS2801.pdf (423 KB)

I think a WS2811 could be used in a similar way as well.

Can also use WS2801 with discrete transistors to drive strings of LEDs from a higher voltage and at higher current rating.
See Figure 8 of the data sheet.

That's a constant voltage driving mode. If OP intends to drive high power LEDs he needs to be aware that if one LED blows in the string the whole thing goes poof.

I think it'd be better to ditch the WS28XX idea and just use a typical PWM LED driver. The PWM outputs on an (e.g.) Uno can handle plenty of strings, but there's lots of tried and true ways to drive tens or hundreds of strings (shift registers / ShiftPWM, etc) if it's necessary to drive each channel separately.

Old thread. but i have same question.

What i want to do may help understand the request.

ESP-01 has only a couple digital outs to use. so i want to use it to drive a super bright RGB LED. but i dont have 3 free pins. i only have one i can use. i need the other pins for another components.

Is there a small High Power RGB led driver that can run single input DIN like a WS28XX style communication?

Trying to keep part count low and cheap. ESP8266 nodemcu style has more then enough but price increases to much. I need hundreds of these and every dollar adds up.


You could get yourself a WS28xx chip, and add some transistors and the LEDs of your choice to it.
It'll let you make 'em as bright as you want, but might mess up some color balance and it won't help you keeping your parts count low.

Pixie leds

There are also these p9813 based strip drivers, but you will need a constant current driver.
p9813 strip driver.jpg

p9813 strip driver.jpg

Note carefully that unless a constant current driver is specifically designed to be controlled by PWM, it absolutely will not work with PWM. :roll_eyes:

This limits the ways you can use a WS2811 or the above board.