Supplier? Bluetooth Class 3 modules (short range wireless communication required

Weird question since most people want the most range from BT, I require the least range. The Class 3 BT fits the bill but it seems a hard to find module.

Anyone have any ideas?

Or, the flip side, where can I find some good reading material regarding antenna design to limit and direct the BT signal if I am then stuck with using a Class 2.

And yes I understand BT wasn’t really designed for short ranges (except Class 3 though), and as such what other, robust RF system is available that is low on energy consumption?

Project requires:

  • Robust data communication (mostly one way - occasional two way)
  • Short range wireless especially during “pairing” phase
  • No cross talk when other receiver is in area (hence short range)

Thank you to those who know way more than me.