Sure LED Matrix 24x16 Not Working with Arduino Uno

Hello fellow Arduino users,

I recently bought the Sure Electronics 24x16 LED Matrix. I used the matrix as shown in the tutorial here (I downloaded the ht1632 using the link the author provides). Additionally I tried the examples used in this tread with no luck. I ensured that the ground +5V connections were not reversed so it can't be that the matrix is fried. Is there a chance that the unit that I have received is defective?

Information about my set up: Board: Arduino Uno R2 IDE: Arduino 1.0 Power Input: 5V from Arduino board. The board is powered using a USB cable.

I can post the code that I used; the reason I haven't is because it would create a very long post. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

This display may use HT1632C which has the initialization procedure a bit different. Take a look at this post, it may help: Consider all references to "3208" as "2416" for your case. If it still doesn't work, check the wires between your Arduino and the display and make sure the pins are described correctly in your code.