Syma S107 Helicopter Infrared Control w/webcam


I created a remote control for the Syma S107 helicotper. It took me a while to decode the protocol, but you can find the details here:

It also has a simple webcam-tracking interface to keep it hovering at a given level. Currently I only have pictures of it in action, i'll try to shoot a video soon!

Any ideas on how to continue this project?

Thanks! Agustin.

Cool :) You should totally make it so you can draw a path on the screen, and it then tries to follow that ;)

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I took the trouble to go to your website and type a lengthy comment and business proposition .Then I tried to post it and found I could not meet your restrictive post requirements .

I am not going to leave all my particulars just to post a comment . Where do you get off ?
You’ve missed the opportunity now.

So you complain here? Strange that you would offer a business proposition, but then complain about identifying yourself - besides which, I didn’t see anything (regarding login/ID for commenting) that I haven’t seen before on other blogs.

This is just an effort to avoid spammers, that all blogs use. If you were really sincere, you could have just sent the poster a PM via this forum…

Hello! Thanks for reading my post!

I didn't really check whether or not you had to log in to post comments (I've enabled now anonymous comments, I'll keep it that way unless i get a lot of spam), thanks for the heads up.

Though, the blog only requires a valid ID (blogspot - google) and I do not immediately disagree with having to log-in to post, it's quite simple, and as cr0sh pointed out, just to avoid spammers.


Well, if all the "effort" he's willing to put into a Business Venture is attempt to fit a proposal into a feedback box- and then when the BLOG's (not yours, even- you didn't write the feedback code, Google/Blogspot did) feedback software broke.. instead of sending an email, he comes back HERE and spouts nastiness?


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Cool project!

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I post it where he might see it ...and he did

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