Testing the Analogue ports

Due to some dodgy wiring with my first project I managed to create some blue smoke so I am trying to test my Mega to see if it is still working properly. I have tested all the digital pins by editing Blink accordingly and all the pins responded as expected.

For the testing of the analogue ports I used the AnalogReadSerial sketch and registered a reading I could influence with the pot from 0-1023 on A0 but on A1-A14 I get a reading of 200-300 irrespective of the pot setting. Could someone please advise if that is normal?



In addition to moving the wire connected to the potentiometer's wiper, did you modify this line in the sketch to reflect the analog input you wanted to use each time?

  int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);

Sounds like you might have moved the wire, but it continued to read and report the reading from the (then disconnected) A0 pin.

Where did your blue smoke emanate from during your first project?

Cheers ! Geoff

Your test approach is probably right for testing one board.

If you wanted to automatically test multiple Arduinos, see this on the http://ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI:


This tests both digital and analog pins, and the analog pins for digital operation as well.

Someday I'll source a test shield with all those resistors in neat Surface-Mount.

Thanks Geoff & Terry,

Geoff, you are spot on, I had not edited: int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
All the pins are responding so the blue smoke must have come from somewhere else although I am not sure where. I have replaced all the other components so I should be able to progress now.

Terry, it is just the single board I needed to check but an interesting resource you have pointed me towards.

Many thanks to both.