Text to speech code

Hello, I am looking for an individual to help me execute a rather complex code. I can not afford the cost that these devices are being sold for and would love to be able to own one.
I basically want to take this DIY 'Ovilus' Ghost Box using Arduino - YouTube
And make quite a few changes. I would be using the arduino mega2560, and an oled screen to display the words being spoken. The speech is rather hard to understand. I was looking at the Emic 2 board as a possible fix for that but I am open to a better alternative. The sensor in the video above has since been discontinued so I would need something to take its place. Here is another video for reference as to what im looking at trying to achieve Alice Box DNA ITC device the UK’s answer to Ovilus - YouTube

Why are rejecting the free text to speech available on your PC?

Im not, read the original post again

Why does the title say text to speech when the description is clearly a speech to text system?

However if your intentions are to go Ghost Hunting, then anything will do as Ghosts can not exist because if they did they would break the third law of thermodynamics.

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