TF-Mini Plus error reading distance

Hello, I am using a 3 TF mini Plus to count people traffic, actually I am using many Arduino Uno and Nano to make the tests, the problem is that I got error measurements between 1,24m and 1,8m, it goes to 0 and start reading again and when pass 180, continues measuring normal, here is the code used, also I am attaching an image from the serial plotter, I contact the manufacturer and told me that as arduino are cheap uC it can get this error, when using the arduino as USB-TTL reader with the reading software from the manufacturer it doesn’t happen this error, this happen with all 3 sensors, so it must be and arduino issue.
Has anyone had this error? any ideas why this could be happening?

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>  //header file of software serial port

SoftwareSerial Serial1(2,3); //define software serial port name as Serial1 and define pin2 as RX and pin3 as TX

int dist; //actual distance measurements of LiDAR

int strength; //signal strength of LiDAR
float temprature;
int check;  //save check value
int i;
int uart[9];  //save data measured by LiDAR
const int HEADER=0x59;  //frame header of data package
void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600); //set bit rate of serial port connecting Arduino with computer
  Serial1.begin(115200);  //set bit rate of serial port connecting LiDAR with Arduino

void loop() {

  if (Serial1.available()) {  //check if serial port has data input
    if( == HEADER) {  //assess data package frame header 0x59
      if ( == HEADER) { //assess data package frame header 0x59
        uart[1] = HEADER;
        for (i = 2; i < 9; i++) { //save data in array
          uart[i] =;
        check = uart[0] + uart[1] + uart[2] + uart[3] + uart[4] + uart[5] + uart[6] + uart[7];

        if (uart[8] == (check & 0xff)){ //verify the received data as per protocol

          dist = uart[2] + uart[3] * 256;     //calculate distance value
          dist1= uart[2];
          dist2= uart[3];
          strength = uart[4] + uart[5] * 256; //calculate signal strength value

          temprature = uart[6] + uart[7] *256;//calculate chip temprature

          temprature = temprature/8 - 256;
//          Serial.print("dist = ");
          Serial.println(dist); //output measure distance value of LiDAR

//          Serial.print("  strength = ");
//          Serial.print(strength); //output signal strength value


Thank for your help