TFT 1.54" by Topfoison

Hi all,

In this period I’m searching for a TFT with a small frontal footprint. While googling I’ve discovered the interesting display below.
It is intriguing for me, because it fits almost in the same size of a traditional 1.44" module but with an higher resolution (240x240 pixels). Also, the plastic frame around the screen is less than 2 mm thick.

Link to Topfoison

At the moment I’m using only TFTs based on the ST7735, I have no experience about the chip ST7789V.
In the adafruit library I see a class for ST7789 chip, somebody has tested it? It works?

I have contacted Topfoison and they sent me the datasheet, claiming that it is absolutely SPI compatible (see attachment). Nevertheless, the display costs around 8 USD + delivery, so I’m trying to get more information as possible before wasting my money.
(Soon or later my wife will discover my crazy expenses :grinning: ).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TF-LCM15423A-N-S0 spec only-00.pdf (931 KB)

I support this display with my SPI_LCD library

I was silent for two reasons (better three):

As usually, I need time to decode what David write in his replies (I don't have enough technical background about TFT :-[ )

I'm searching for a cheaper product than the one offered by Topvision, so can I do experiments without any fear in loosing too much money.

My child requires my presence: he wants that I spend my time playing with him, not "playing" with the computer :grinning:

@bitbank: wow! Soon I will take a look at your libs for sure! :wink:

I have found this “clone” of the Topfoison TFT on aliexpress:

Seems quite good, it has 3 leds as backlight, but but but… the datasheet (see attachment) is confusing me: it works at 2.8 or 3.3 Volts???

Also, I thought that the ZIF connector provided as defualt was a great idea, but I cannot find any matching adapter on molex. com (they have hundreds and hundreds of different 0.5 pitch connectors) and I got rapidly lost…


1.54-Shenzhen-high-quality-np.pdf (318 KB)

Today I’ve ordered 3 pieces of the Topfoison “clone” above to make some tests/experiments.
The vendor suggested to use a traditional FFC-FPC 22 pin connector (see the first attachment).

I’m not sure if I will be able to solder this guy to the PCB. So, I’ve also ordered a second connector that seems more easy to solder 'cause the pins are 1 mm spaced (see second attachment).

Usually this TFTs needs a little circuitry to make them working:

  1. a tiny voltage regulator (to lower voltage to 3,3V in case you’re using 5 volt as power supply)
  2. a small resistor (around 10 Ohm) before the led light (used for back-illumination)
  3. nothing more? Any tip?

I will keep you informed when this stuff arrive to my home.