TFT 1.8" Display: Where can I find list of all commands.

I have started experimenting with ARDUINO recently. I purchased Sainsmart TFT LCD display. I had lot of problems getting it started and testing it. From many examples given on forums and other websites I was able to get it working.

The display was giving Horizontal display only and I didn't understood how to make it vertical. Again after digging the internet I found out that there is one command setRotation() which controls this. I didn't found it listed anywhere. Now I want to know if there is such list for TFT commands. Also are there any more lists for other sensors or attachments? I really had very frustrating time searching this or am I not properly informed?

Knowing the library you used to run this display would help us help you. You can also open the library's H file and see all the available functions listed in there.

I am using TFT.h and SPI.h Arduino LCD library. When I search for TFT.h. I can't find the file in Finder for Mac.

I advise you using

Utft library

& Utouch library