TFT 320QVT 9341, Shield for Arduino Mega and Uno

Hi all,

I am evaluating the possibility to use a TFT display 3.2" (TFT_320QVT_9341) that I got with the shield, it will be used only as screen, no SD o touch.

I could use it on Uno or Mega both R3 but I cannot figure how many pins I will have free with shield to be used for sensors (a few MAX 31855K).

How many free pins will I have on my arduino, Uno and Mega?

Is there a way to use the TFT without the shield?

Thx for your help

If you can count your fingers and toes, you can determine whether the Mega Shield will fit on a Uno.

Yes, you can use any shield with trailing wires. It requires a LOT of jumper wires. It requires you wiring them correctly. It will not be mechanically secure.


Thx for your reply, I don't have the shield yet. It was a real question and I cannot figure it out, sorry

Go on. Look at the photos on the website. Count the pins. Observe the pin layout.
Read the pinout descriptions.