TFT 7" / SSD1963 mirrored


I need your help to solve an issue on 7" TFT. I've just bought a 7"TFT (managed by SSD1963) with Arduino MEGA adapter shield and download the UTFT library. The TFT shield seems to works, but I have to issues : - the screen is mirrored - The is no red color.

I tried with another library found on the Internet (CTE library base on UTFT library). Now I have red colors but always the mirrored image.

So, I think the TFT work well, but the issues seems to be link to the library. It is the first time I have to edit a library. So, I need your help to do this.

First question : Which software do you use to edit a .cpp file. Can I just use a text editor ? Second question : can you help me to identified the parameter to change. I read the SSD1963 datasheet. For mirrored image, I think I probably have to change a parameter at this command : LCD_Write_COM(0x36); //rotation” LCD_Write_DATA(0x???);

Thanks for your help



the answer is; LCD_Write_COM(0x36); //rotation” LCD_Write_DATA(0x03);

I'm having the same issue:,152053.0.html

I did a search but somehow missed that there was another thread askeding the same question, I think I searched LCD instead of TFT!

Anyways....... I hope the advice you got above works for you because it didn't work on mine. Might be worth keeping an eye on my thread as well.

Good luck !!

Please check my thread, I have FIXED the issue:,152053.msg1141508.html#msg1141508

Hi For exclude mirrored screen , used as model SSD1963_800ALT , TFT myGLCD(SSD1963_800ALT,38,39,40,41)


I had the same problem.

Thank Cowasaki and fifih77.