SSD1963 Displays for Arduino : Support for 7inch Displays

Hi All,

Searching for SSD1963 showed mostly rather old entries in this Forum, so I start this new topic.

I have the following 7 inch TFT display:

and an adapter shield for MEGA:

This combination works successfully with UTFT:

UTFT myGLCD(SSD1963_800ALT,38,39,40,41);

There may be an issue with the adapter shield, because it has hard wired 5V supply on the pin marked 3.3V on the display board; needs further investigation, there is a series regulator on the display board.

The MCUFRIEND_kbv library also supports SSD1963, as SPECIAL, see topic:

Jean-Marc Zingg

There IS an issue with this adapter shield!


see also

Jean-Marc Zingg

Hi Jean-Marc,

This is an old post, I know, but I have exactly the same screen and adapter, so maybe you can answer my questions?
Could you explain how you managed to get the screen working, what did you do to change that 5V on the 3.3V logics, and did it work after that? Or did the adapter demand more changes?
And, how do you get the backlight working on this screen? There are jumpers to solder and a LED_A pin, but how to use that? I understood the backlight can be driven from the sketch alternatively, but how?

If you could shed any light on these questions, that would be highly appreciated.


Hi John,

sorry that I don't remember the details. I later used that display with a STM32F1 BluePill. So this is the combination sitting unused on a shelf.

I have a box full of adapter boards. One has a female header soldered to the power pins, and a jumper wire to a dual row long tail male header with a bent pin. Seems I used a flat cable with 2 female headers to connect the display. But this only was for a test.

Maybe you find more info here: GxTFT/src/myTFTs at master · ZinggJM/GxTFT · GitHub