the 36pin on the Arduino Mega.  Where can i fing a

on the Arduino Mega you know the 36pin (thing)

I made a light bar control out of mine using the 36 pin works GREAT.

how ever driving down the road sometimes 1 of my wires come off.

would anyoen know of a Plug i can put over the top of that.

(looks like a IDE connecter but 36pins. I just cant find a Male 36pin connector for this board. everyone i find has the pins off set. not like the Arduino Mega has.)

thanks for any help.

You could 'make' a plug:

where did you find those? can i have a link to buy some.

Those would work perfect.

Thank you.

Use cianoacrilyc super glue and 2 strip of pin at 2.54.

I'm also looking for this. So far I only found it:

Maybe you have more luck than me: in Brazil it will not be so easy to find a place to buy one of those.

Just have a look for standard 2-row angled male headers, those should work fine. I often do connectors with male headers, just solder them onto single cables or (as i did) to a stripped down IDE-cable and you're ready to go.