The Ambitious Light - Decoding Analog Video with the Arduino Due

Hi there,

I just finished the documentation on my new ambient TV light, called the “The Ambitious Light”.
It’s a standalone unit which uses the Arduino Due to capture and decode a RGB component video signal.



Have fun watching & let me know what you think,

Pretty cool project - any tips on converting it to work with NTSC?

Hi crOsh,

thanks for your feedback. Well, since PAL and NTSC are using a similar luminance decoding technique a conversion to NTSC should be fairly easy.

the main differences are:

  • NTSC uses less vertical lines per field: 262 instead of 312
  • field duration is 16.7 ms instead of 20 ms
  • line duration 63.55 µs instead of 64 µs
  • more equalization pulses for the vertical sync: 6 instead of 5
  • less number of blank lines at the beginning of each field: 10 instead of 18