The Arduino Micro does not see the computer and vice versa.

I have recently purchased two Arduino Micro boards from which arrived on Wednesday. When I give them power, the LED connected to pin 13 fades in and out for a little bit, and then starts the blink sketch. The blue colored light on the bottom that shows the board is on also lights up. I tried to upload to the boards from the Arduino Web Editor, but the board was not detected from the HP laptop I was using. I checked all of the USB ports on the laptop, but none worked. I then tried the same thing from an Acer Chromebook, but the same problem persisted. I then tried it on a Lenovo laptop using the Windows download, but the board was not detected once again. I even tried to program it from a Raspberry Pi 4 that I own, but it still did not work. I went back to the Lenovo Laptop and checked the device manager. When I plugged in an Arduino Mega that I purchased about six months ago, it showed up, but when I put in the Arduino Micro, nothing happened. I am able to upload to the Arduino Mega, but not the Arduino Micro. When I press the upload button, the Arduino Micro does nothing. It just continues on the blink sketch. The error message I got said to push reset when I press upload, but this make no difference and the Arduino Micro acted as if there was no computer attached to it. Using another brand of cord did not work. Do you have any ideas of what I could try to upload a sketch?

Micro USB cables exist in two forms; charge-only and data. It sounds like you have the former. If you have a cell-phone with Micro USB, test your cable with that, the PC should recognise it; if not, it’s a charge-only cable.

Make sure that cable is fully inserted (at both sides).