Throttle Box Interface for cirrus Simulator

Hi there, I need some help and guidance. I am currently doing a project at university that requires me to build a throttle box interface for a cirrus aircraft. We are building a simulator. Different students got different parts to build. So we have the bare throttle box of a cirrus. Now i am to build a throttle box interface to connect that barebone throttle box of the cirrus. We are going to run the simulation on Xplane. Now i am super stuck as i need to write a report aswell… I tried looking for info on how to build a throttle box interface and got nowhere. please i beg anyone to come forward and guide me thru this.
I have been advised to use a arduino board but which one do i use…and how do i use it… i have attached a pic of the throttle box…please anyone help me
Farabi Bin Hai

What do you have on the back of the panel?

How many of the controls and sensors do you need to simulate?

Fuel Pump on/off (shows up on panel as Fuel Pressure?) Power (shows up on panel as RPM, Manifold Pressure?) Mixture (shows up on panel as EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature?) Fuel level Left Fuel level Right Fuel tank selected

Sir for all those controlls sir. I do not know anything about how to connect this as i hv never done it or been taught. Please sir if u can advise me it would save my life

You have not provided enough info to really help you.

sir my supervisor is sending me a technical spec of the throttle box of the simulator..and asked her about what u stated above..ill get back to you asap