Thunderbolt 3 with Arduino?

I don't have much experience with this, but is it possible to connect an Arduino to a Thunderbolt 3-capable USB C port/cable?

I'm not talking about plugging the Arduino into a computer with USB-C, rather I'm working on a project that would require high speeds over Thunderbolt 3 (specifically, I'm trying to accomplish PCI to USB-C, for a cheap graphics card dock...?)

I need to be able to harness the full 40GBPS of Thunderbolt 3. Anyways, is the Arduino capable of this? Sorry if I'm being an idiot, I really don't have much experience in this type of stuff

The standard 328/1284/2560 based boards, clocked at 16 MHz, can hardly be expected to support 40 GBPS data rate. I'd say you need a much faster processor.

thanks, I'll be going off to do my own research now, but do you happen to know of any boards that would be capable of this?