I am messing around with the tinkerkit sensor kit. It took me a while to find this tutorial: Introduction_MictoControllers. In it it mentions: a library named: Tinkerkit.zip. A fruitless google search resulted in one hit at the apparently down tinkerkit website. The sample programs call for it to go to the tinkerkit library.

Any help the community can give me will be very helpful.


The authors' email addresses are available in the document. Have you tried contacting them?

This looks germane... https://github.com/TinkerKit

Thank you, I didn't even think of emailing the writers.

thanks for the link.


Hello wcarty: could you get an answer to your question? I’m also looking for the same zip file. Thanks

Yes I did!

Try this link I got from Coding Badly


See if thisa helps!


I don’t succeed to use the lib from github.
Which pack do i have to download ?
How can i install ? by copying it on arduino/libraries folder ?
Thank you for your help