Tiny tactile buttons (maybe a dumb question)

How do you keep those tiny tactile pushbuttons onto the breadboard? Are some better than others?
They just don't seem to fit into the holes very well. Sorry for being such a lame question.

Make your own small board with them soldered to it and leads to plug into protoboard.
Use Veroboard to make your own breakout.

Tom... :slight_smile:
Any device that won't fit to proto, I fit to vero and use header pins as connections.

Maybe not what you were talking about but it works great. Thanks for the tip.
Turned out to be a crappy photo but I think you can make out what I did.
Sits in the board solid!

Yep, can see the concept, looks good.
Tom... :slight_smile:
Is that on a header or 6Pin Machined DIL socket?

Header pins. Was too lazy to pull the center pin not used.

Here it is in use at the bottom right.

That is one blurry picture! :o

I solder 1cm pins (the bit cut off a resistor or whatever) onto the legs, then it stays in just fine. Like this:

a tinier tactile button

Hi. I had the same problem with THESE pushbuttons.

Then I learned they could be put in place right and really stay solid. See the photo:

Notice the two black bumps on the bottom. Align them over the slot in the center of the breadboard and push down hard. Now the pushbutton will stay in place firmly.

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Make up some ahead of time so they will be ready as needed.


First flatten the hump out of the pins by squeezing with long nose pliers, then twist them about 60 degrees (if going across the "canyon") or 30 degrees if going from row to row so they're easier to get in the breadboard holes, don't twist all the way to 90 degrees, they'll be too loose.