TinySine Wifi Shield Configuration & GET HTTP Request





So I’ve progressed a bit in my networking efforts.

  1. First I ran a BT example where I controlled a LED from my BT module HC-05. I guess I understand that BT signals are ‘somehow’ converted to serial data, which can be of course monitored in the Serial Monitor.

  2. Then I moved onto trying to control a servo via BT and something went wrong, so Im going back to the LED example in order to move back into the servo scenario and do some troubleshooting.

  3. Yesterday I started off on my Wifi testing. First I had no idea what module I was dealing with, I now know its a TinySine wifi shield which is to say, a WifiBee module from Roving Networks, which shows up as WiFly-EZX module in the dhcp clients table.

I managed to connect to it from the Serial Monitor and used $$$ to configure it. It pops up on my network and I ping it fine.

Now Im uploading a sketch to test its tcp/ip capabilities because Im interested in making the arduino post data to my web server. At first I got a little confused because I had downloaded the WiFlySerial library. Not sure what the difference was, maybe I just didn’t dig deeper after failing to run any commands with its samples. So then I quickly ran into the WiFly library and now the WiFlyHQ library. I haven’t looked under the hood into each but they might be quite similar. In any event, Im on WiFlyHQ.

I tried the sketch that used pins 8,9 and it fails every time. So I’ve figured it out I need to use pins 2,3.

Im running this code which works perfectly and downloads the entire website into the serial monitor, its crazy:

#include <WiFlyHQ.h>

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial wifiSerial(2,3);

WiFly wifly;
String data;

const char mySSID[] = "myssid";
const char myPassword[] = "mykey"
const char site[] = "servers.com";

void terminal();

void setup()
   char buf[32];
   //hardcoded data to post
   data = "";
   data = "name=Santiago&age=6";
   Serial.print("Free memory: ");

   if (!wifly.begin(&wifiSerial, &Serial)) {
       Serial.println("Failed to start wifly");
   /* Join wifi network if not already associated */
   if (!wifly.isAssociated()) {
	/* Setup the WiFly to connect to a wifi network */
	Serial.println("Joining network");

	if (wifly.join()) {
	    Serial.println("Joined wifi network");
	} else {
	    Serial.println("Failed to join wifi network");
   } else {
       Serial.println("Already joined network");
   Serial.print("MAC: ");
   Serial.println(wifly.getMAC(buf, sizeof(buf)));
   Serial.print("IP: ");
   Serial.println(wifly.getIP(buf, sizeof(buf)));
   Serial.print("Netmask: ");
   Serial.println(wifly.getNetmask(buf, sizeof(buf)));
   Serial.print("Gateway: ");
   Serial.println(wifly.getGateway(buf, sizeof(buf)));
   Serial.print("DeviceID: ");
   Serial.println(wifly.getDeviceID(buf, sizeof(buf)));
   if (wifly.isConnected()) {
       Serial.println("Old connection active. Closing");
   if (wifly.open(site, 80)) {
       Serial.print("Connected to ");
        /* Send the request */
	wifly.println("GET / HTTP/1.0");
   } else {
       Serial.println("Failed to connect");

void loop()
   if (wifly.available() > 0) {
	char ch = wifly.read();
	if (ch == '\n') {
	    /* add a carriage return */ 
   if (Serial.available() > 0) {

/* Connect the WiFly serial to the serial monitor. */
void terminal()
   while (1) {
	if (wifly.available() > 0) {
	if (Serial.available() > 0) {

This works fine.

Im a little confused on how to proceed. Here I am setting my shield up as a client, which is requesting a web page. I will need to make a client request to post data as well.

  1. Why does my GET request fail when I change it to this:

At the moment Im referencing this:

where a Ethernet client is created and a get request sent:

client.println(“GET /search?q=arduino HTTP/1.1”);

So if I wanted to query a db with a GET from this server resource:


I would do this:

const char site = “santiapps.com”;
wifly.println(“GET /arduino/query.php HTTP/1.0”);

but I get:

open santiapps.com/arduino 80

Failed to connect

Another option would be to make the shield a server and create a web page with some data to be visible at the shield’s ip.

  1. This means I would have to configure my shield as a server, right? I can’t find in the WiFlyHQ library code how to create a server object, any help would be appreciated.

Had to leave the primary domain as the host and tag the folder substructure to the GET request.

Please help