TIP122 transistor


I have absolutely no clue how to identify the component that fried in my radar processor. (or if im even calling it by the proper name).

I can make out TIP122 on the bottom of the bad component. However, when i disassembled a working radar unit and noticed the compenent was also a TIP122 however the good component did not have the same numbers.

i want to simply remove the bad and replace seeing as the company will take several months and i dont want to be without my equipment for so long.

If my research is correct i need to get the components as a “set”?

As my name stats ive very new to this complex field, however i have a pretty good understanding of how this work and how to fix them. If im way off base please let me know.

Hello there!

I looked up your component on Digikey and found this. However, I have no idea what current or voltage handling the broken transistor had on your board, so see if you can find a schematic to see the electrical specifications of the transistor (if possible) and compare to what I have linked. You should also make sure that the dimensions of the transistor I have linked matches what you have.

If they match, it should be a simple matter of buying a new transistor, desoldering the broken component, and replacing it.

Of course its very possible other components are damaged on that board - most times a semiconductor
devices fails there's no visual clue.

Replacing a single failed component may simply result in the replacement failing the same way, as the
initial fault might be elsewhere.

Fixing stuff like this is much less risky if you have a current-limiting bench PSU and proceed carefully,
checking various voltages against the repair manual.

A quick guess says here the transistor is part of the power supply, and drastic failures like this usually
indicate massive fault currents - ie a short circuit somewhere. I'd first try and see if there is a gross
short on any of the power rails to ground (after desoldering the exploded component).

however the good component did not have the same numbers.

Those extra numbers are batch codes and date codes. They do not mean anything with regard to the component’s functionality.

Unless they are in subtlely the wrong font meaning a chinese fake device...