Toshiba IR Pulse Width Info??

Anyone that is familiar with IR communication knows that commands that are sent from a TV (or VCR, DVD, etc. for that matter) are made up of varying pulses, starting with a ‘start’ pulse that tells the TV/VCR/etc. that it is about to receive a new command sequence. I am doing a project that involves controlling a Toshiba TV via a microcontroller + an IR detector,& an IR LED. The micro captures the pulse width from the remote controlling the TV, and repeats them through the IR LED. The thing is, in order for it to do so, it must know the start bits (the first pulse width that is sent from the remote to let the TV know it’s about to send it a command), so it knows when to start capturing a new code (right?). I have SCOURED the internet for the information on the pulse code sequences that are used (universally) for Toshiba TV’s, but I can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them? Do I even need them to do this? I am trying to do what was done here: ( with an Arduino (ATmega168 programmed via the ‘wiring’ code library), except that I will have the Arduino store the codes at random, and repeat them via the IR LED. Kudos to anyone that can successfully answer this question!!