Total newbie question here.. DC 0-1v analog to sine wave display..?

Hi folks, I'm not sure Arduino is the tech I need to be learning but from my google searching, I think it can do the job. What I want to do is display a car's oxygen sensor output as a sine wave on a 1"x2" or so LCD under the hood. The o2 sensor output is between 0.1vdc & 1.1 vdc and cycles at an estimated 10hz, tops. I also want the whole scheme to fit in as small a space as possible. It's going to have to share space in a Vault-Tec lunch box with fuses, relays & maybe some other visualizations of engine operation.

So, this should be pretty doable for Arduino, right? Beginner level or more advanced? Any leads & / or feedback will be appreciated...

Shouldn't be too hard for a beginner. You will need an Arduino and a Graphic LCD Shield. You can feed your 0.1 to 1.1V signal into an analog input pin. As you take each reading, shift the contents of the GLCD one pixel to the left and add a new dot on the right edge with the height based on the analog value.

Google will help you find a GLCD Shield.