Touch Screen

(picture attached)

Anyone ever worked with this display ?

The way I figured it is that you upload pictures (main picture) and then add secondary pictures for the next pages when you click on an icon and so on. So far so good because it already comes with the stuff uploaded it it. . I also have an Arduino test code that I found from the manufacturer (Hunda). I played a bit with Hunda Visual Lcds to modify the pictures and icons that I messed up ( which I have some trouble with. Not very user friendly). I played around uploading different modifications. I seem ok with that now

Would love to use this display as a regular display. Does anyone have a test code can would right stuff on a blank screen ? Right now I dont need pics in there

How to you remove the pics and icons so the display can be used as a normal display ?

Thank you for any info


Hello, I have the same problem, can you please share the software you mention: Hunda Visual Lcds. I'd like to check if can get the source code.