Tracking movments inside


I am new to this forum, and I’ve tried to search, but without any luck.

I need a device that tracks, most of the time, forklifts inside a warehouse area. The device should be able to track movements and pauses. How they drive back and forth but also when it stops for shorter or longer periods.

Some gps thing? We also have wifi

That pretty much describes it, is this doable? It should be accurate by 1-2 meters and the data will be collected once a day for analysis.


And your budget?

It's doable - there are folks that offer it as an industrial solution.

It's quite hard to do it DIY. GPS doesn't work indoors. Pixyz says it does, but it was expensive the last time I looked. Some people use large GFID antennas on chokepoints and a GFIS tag on the forklift - you mat be able do inventory management at the same time.

Basically though, it tends to be expensive, because it's tricky to do. A home-brew situation is going to be time consuming and hard to get right.

GPS does not work indoors.

Pozyx is one of very few indoor options.

There's this thing called UWB positioning...


I haven’t thought about that yet, maybe $5000 or 6000 or 8000.

But as sheep as possible ofc :wink:

Okey, you have any buyable options that will solve this or parts of what I’m asking for?

My robot vacuum is mapping up the whole apartment (don’t know if mapping is the word). I can see every little trip.


Yeey. At a first look this seems like it. Will check this out.

Any experience of pozyx?

No, I'm not in that business, but I did spend some time looking at warehouse inventory management solutions for the company I was working for at the time. Mostly, they were pretty spendy.

I expect it's doing some combination of detecting walls and counting turns of the wheels - stuff your forklifts won't have currently obviously.

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