transmit obd android / obd emulator

What's the best way to go about this?

I want to emulate obd using a mega+bluetooth to be able to display values on an android. Want obd mainly because of the android apps already available.

Im open to other options as well. Vemstune etc.

Edit: trying to connect some 0-5v sensors to arduino then transmitting them via obd protocol to android

There are many commercially available OBD to Serial adapters, that is probably the easiest way and discussed in many post in the forum like this one or that one

Also a good Site to check out and also that post Connect Arduino to your car through OBD-II |

Sorry the opening post was vague.

What i want to do is use an android phone as a display for the 0-5v sensors (not obd) connected to the arduino. Preferably using obd (or vems, msandroid) since the apps are already available.

All the info available seem to be for recieving/decoding obd, i want to interpolate 0-5v into obd and TRANSMIT data via bluetooth.

Try this

Saw that a while back, but was using my phone couldn't see the ino.

Thanks for the link. Looks exaclty like what i need