Trouble getting bluetooth app to send new message to scrolling 4 in 1 MAX7219 ma

Desperate for help!!
I'm a real novice (I don't know anything about writing code!).
I've successfully built a scrolling 4 in 1 MAX7219 matrix display with an Arduino Nano. No mirroring etc - all great!
My problem is, I now want to use bluetooth via an app (BLExAR) on my iphone to change the scrolling message.
I've connected an HM-10 module [complete with voltage divider on the RXD pin].
The app connects with the module ok, but I can' t send a new message!!
I installed PAROLA- SCROLLING, but do I have to install something else instead now that I've wired in the HM-10?
Help will be so appreciated

Parola_Scrolling uses input from the hardware Serial ports, so unless you have wired the HM10 to be connected to those pins, it won't work.

You maybe should look at Parola_Bluetooth_Control instead, but you will also need some kind of application at the other end of the BT link (phone?) to send the messages required. There is an App Inventor program that comes with that example that you can use (llnk in the example folder).

Hi Marco
I’ve got BLExAR app to connect to HM-10 ok - sent text to the serial monitor ok.
Uploaded Parola scrolling and sample message scrolls perfectly- I just can’t type a new message on the app and get it to change the sample message!! Driving me mad with frustration.
I did try Parola Bluetooth but only got a few leds to light up and no scrolling!
You mention pins to be used for connection of the HM-10 - which ones should they be?
I’m so close but as Insaid it is driving me nuts!

You may need to look at the line ending sent by the BLExAR app. The Scrolling sketch expects to seen a '\n' at the end of the line to know it has a new message.

if ((*cp == '\n') || (cp - newMessage >= BUF_SIZE-2))

Alternatively you could change the end of line marker to something else (like '#') and that will work as well.

You mention pins to be used for connection of the HM-10 - which ones should they be?

Depends on what you are using as software. If you are connected to the hardware serial (pins 0 and 1 on a Uno) then it should work, anything else will need changes to the Scrolling sketch.

Hi Marco
Thanks for trying to help me -it is much appreciated!
I assume we are talking about the Parola Bluetooth Control sketch.
I’ve scanned it very carefully and all I can find is the following:-

// if we have a new message, copy it over
if (newMessageAvailable)
PRINTS("\nSetting new message");
strcpy(G.msg, newMessage);

newMessageAvailable = false;

I of course may have missed something!
I assume there doesn’t have to be any specific mention in the sketch of the BLExAR app.
I’m sure success isn’t too far away

No, as I said

The Scrolling sketch expects

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