trouble loading libraries


this is my first Arduino project, and I’m having trouble getting off the ground!

I’m using the most recent version of the Arduino software (18) on an Intel Mac. Sketches are located in documents/arduino; libraries are in documents/arduino/libraries.

In the Arduino program, when I click on Import Library, the library I need (Time.h) is on the list, but when I click on it, nothing happens. I think the text “#include <Time.h>” should appear in my sketch (without the quotes, of course). But nothin’ doin’.

If anybody can tell me what I’ve done wrong I would be very grateful!

Try File, Examples, Time...... in the IDE. The time library doesn't do anything for me either using 'Import Library' The examples are a good place to start for using libraries.

I had this guy's exact problem!

Thanks for the tip, though!