Trying to connect Hitachi HD44780 to Arduino Mega

Forgive me if the answer to this is blindingly obvious but I seem to be stuck on what must be virtually lesson one.

I have constructed a few Arduino circuits (leds, potentionmeter, temp and humidity sensor) so I have a grasp of the basics.

I am trying now to connect a LCD display of 16 characters by two lines.
The file included with the Arduino software in the example folder seems short of a bit of information.

It gives details of connections for pins RS, E, D4, D5, D6, D7 and R/W but then says

10K resistor without saying where or to what is is connected

"ends to +5v and ground". What does "ends" mean? Is that the VSS pin at one end and the K pin at the other and if so which end gets the +5v?

It also says "wiper to pin V0". I guess that means I need to include a pot in the circuit somewhere. Is that to control brightness of the display?

I clearly need to learn about libraries if I am to progress. Can anyone recommend a book that will give me an insight into them?

Need more information on what you are looking at.
See these typical images for wiring the 10K pot (variable resistor)

Review this:


Thanks for responding with the diagram

In the Arduino IDE I went to File/Examples/LiquidCrystal/Display and there it has the info I referred to in the original post.