TTP223 Using Problem

Hello there,

I want to use ttp223 with bluetooth module. ( Play, pause, vol+,vol-,back,foward)

But ttp223 stays locked. What could be the reason for this?

I have an error in the schematic, can you check?

Thank You, Best Regards....

Yes you are correct there are errors in the schematic. Start by looking at several data sheets for the 7805, they are not all the same. Include a photo of that section of the PCB as well so we can get an idea of your lead length.

thanks your answer. 7805 why ?

Read the data sheet and look at what external components are required to make it work properly. You have a great oscillator in your schematic. they put that information there because they want it to work in your system. If you do something different it may not work and they will not warrant it.

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