tweeking the love o meter

i got my arduino starter kit in the mail yesterday and have been playing with it constantly,

i finished the love o meter project and thought well that was too quick and easy lets step it up a notch

so i added 9 led instead of 3 got that working great after much frustration and overlooking simple things, but my question now is

how can i use a button to set the baseline temp, the book mentioned there is a way to do so, i havent found it

i dont need someone to paste the code for me but point me in the right direction thanks

I'm new to arduino so here's my best guess:

All you should need is an if statement that says "if button is pressed, then set baseline temp to whatever your temperature variable is"

If you want another challenge to spice up the loveometer you can do what I did. Instead of just taking 1 sensorVal reading, take 5 and use the average of them to calculate the temperature. It was a fun exercise and also made it so my temperature was much more consistent.

Good luck!

with 5 separate sensors or with just one tested 5 times?

You could use 5 sensors but I feel that would be overkill. I just read the sensor 5 times and stored each in a different variable (sensorVal1-5) then averaged those before calculating the temperature.