Two INMP441 with ESP32 WROOM

I have problem with 2 MEMS INMP441 microphone with ESP32-WROOM I combined for each MEMS with the same pin where I2S_WS 15, I2S_SD 13, I2S_SCK 2, I2S_PORT I2S_NUM_0. Here I am quite confused how to use L/R in order to be able to share one mems and another? Is there anyone here who has a code or solution that can be given regarding this.
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The documentation on page 7 has a diagram on how to do the 2 INMP441 thing

I've read the document, what I'm confused about is that when one mems L/R pin I pin in GND and the other mems L/R pin I pin in the 3.3V mic which in GND doesn't really work, it just gets hot, as if it's just an intermediary for mems whose L/R pin is at 3.3V

When electronic components get hot, I think something is wrong with the component or circuit.

yes I think so too, can you please describe the circuit with fritzing or any other application you think is the correct circuit to use two types of INMP441 with ESP32-WROOM (ESP32s). So maybe I can better know where my circuit is wrong.

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Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Can you post a picture of how you connected the MEMS to the ESP32.

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Thanks Tom for responding to this post. My experience related to programming, arduino, hardware has been around for almost three years because I am a 6th semester student at university. As for electronics, I only know the basics because I majored in IT so there are no focused courses there. This is my circuit in Fritzing and quite similar to the original circuit

You cannot connect the MEMS in parallel like that.
They are I2S bus and you need to have two separate sets of connections.

Connecting on of the MEMS L/R to gnd will make it output left channel from its microphone.
Connecting on of the MEMS L/R to 3V3 will make it output right channel from its microphone.

Before you go trying to use two MEMS, JUST get one working.
Have you got the ESP32 to work with ONE MEMS?

Have you Googled;

INMP441 esp32

Forget about Fritzy and use a pen(cil) and paper to draw and post our circuit.
Label pins and components.

When you have one MEMS connected on your protoboard, can you please post a picture of it?

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Incorrect, read the datasheet. If you configure one mic as left and the other as right they will share the bus quite happily as explained already by Idahowalker

I hope not, the I2S is a high speed bus and the layout needs to be tight, short wires, no dangling loops and ground return along with the signals.

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