Two stepper motor

Hi friends

I m sanjeewa from Sri Lanka I m really new to this coding I need to connect two stepper motor driver with one arduino I need a code to rotate this both motor and stope after few rotation pls help me also if motor A rotate 5 turns d motor B may rotate 7 turn

Read the forum guidelines.

What stepper? What driver? What Arduino board? Have you gotten 1 motor to work using the examples in the Stepper library that comes with the IDE?

Stepper basics.

Simple stepper code for testing.

I m using a arduino uno and nema 17 stepper Driver I have two tb6600 and tmc 2209 pls kelp me sir need to run both when one stop other one should work I need few rotation of both motor after all process motor should off tilly next power on

Post a schematic of your wiring.

Post a data sheet of the stepper motor?

Have you set the coil current on the stepper driver?

Are you using microstepping? What value?

What is the power supply for the motors?