UART/USB Read/Write


I would like to read a serial UART output from a router, but i don't have a USB to UART connector. Therefore i was thinking of using an Arduino Mega to make my own.

Using the Arduino Mega to send/receive data to the UART device through one of the spare RxTx pins (1,2 or 3) then using the USB console from the Arduino to display and send back data.

Is this possible and does anyone have a sketch perhaps?

well not sure what is your purpose but if that UART on router has a TTL signal level you can remove the Chip(if an arduino duemilanove)or put the microprocessor in reset mode and then connect the TX and RX Pins on pin 1 and 2 from arduino board. This way you can use the on-board FTDI chip to display what is happening in the serial port Router. Did you know the baud rate ? You will also need that