Ublox NEO M8N data output

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to using GPS and I’ve just bought the aforementioned GPS rx and have started testing it today. What I’m trying to achieve is for the code to make available the Lat/Long coordinates. This will eventually be integrated into a flight controller I’ve already designed for navigation.

I’ve used the NEO M8N library with 2 examples being my focus. They are NMEAloc, and NMEAsimple. I’m using an Arduino Nano to run it on with Altsoftware Serial to pins 8 & 9.

As you can hopefully see from the photos the output of NMEAloc seems normal. With the expected variation of the coordinates. But on NMEAsimple the Lat values barely change.

Library used: GitHub - SlashDevin/NeoGPS: NMEA and ublox GPS parser for Arduino, configurable to use as few as 10 bytes of RAM

From GPSfix_cfg.h

#define GPS_FIX_DATE
#define GPS_FIX_TIME
//#define GPS_FIX_VELNED
//#define GPS_FIX_HDOP
//#define GPS_FIX_VDOP
//#define GPS_FIX_PDOP
//#define GPS_FIX_LAT_ERR
//#define GPS_FIX_LON_ERR
//#define GPS_FIX_ALT_ERR
//#define GPS_FIX_SPD_ERR
//#define GPS_FIX_HDG_ERR
//#define GPS_FIX_TIME_ERR


I have the GLL and RMC strings uncommented in the config.h file.

I ideally wanted to use the ‘simple’ version for obvious reasons but the data doesn’t seem very dynamic and therefore probably less accurate than the NMEAloc output.

How do I fix this? And also what is the most efficient way of getting JUST the lat/long coordinates from this sensor? Ideally in the shortest possible time as I have a control loop running at 500Hz in my flight controller code so the less it could interract with that the better.

Many thanks.

Solved thanks. I can’t seem to delete this post from my phone.