Unable to resize IDE window on MacOs Catalina

I am unable to resize the IDE window from the top or the bottom, ie to be able to drag the top portion of the window down and to drag the bottom portion of the window up to make the window smaller, only the left and right sides can be dragged to make the window smaller or larger.

Also when selecting the maximize button the window fills the entire screen as expected, however when de-maximizing the window the bottom portion of the window gets push off the screen, on my screen its about 20 pixels or so. The only way to see the bottom portion of the window again is to double click the title bar of the window.

Running on MacOs 10.15.7.

Hi @loopash. I also have run into this issue on my laptop, which has a smaller display. This limitation on the minimum window dimensions was imposed as a provisional workaround for another bug:

You can see that the Arduino IDE 2.x’s lead developer only considers this to be temporary:

I leave the issue open until we have a proper fix.

I found this most problematic when I accessed the “Select Other Board & Port” dialog and found I could not click the buttons at the bottom due to them being off the screen! I discovered a workaround: use the Ctrl + + keyboard shortcut (cmd + + for you on macOS) to zoom out, allowing the full dialog to fit on the screen. If it’s not working, open File > Preferences and make sure the “Automatic” checkbox is checked nest to the “Interface Scale” preference. Unfortunately, this doesn’t affect the main window dimensions limitation so it won’t help with your problem of the bottom bar being off the screen.

Thank you so much, I should have known there was some temporary reason for it.

None the less really enjoying the IDE.


I'm very glad to hear you're enjoying it!

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