Unable to upload onto trinket board


Have been completely unable to upload any sketch onto a trinket board. I've modified by additional boards url, added the trinket boards, selected the trinket board. The error message I get is:

The selected serial port does not exist or
your board is not connected.

The board has a red flashing light as well as a solid green led lit and the pc makes a noise
when I click the trinket's reset button.

Please advise.


Did yous elect the correct port?

What does your operating system (which one) think about the board (which one exactly).

The port menu item is greyed out. According to the status line at the bottom of the screen its connected to COM5.

The operating system (Windows 10) shows the Trinket as a device and the USBTinyISP is showing up as a device driver (with no indications of any issues)

That does not mean anything; it's the last port that was selected (assuming you're using IDE 1.8.x).

You haven't answered the question which exact Trinket you have.

The Trinket was just a basic Adafruit Trinket Microcontroller 3.3v

After upgrading the operating system to Windows 11 and downloading a fresh copy of the Arduino ide and following the exact steps as before, everything works fine now. Now to see if Circuit Python will run on this thing... buts that's another story.

Update: oh, ok, I see the basic trinket doesn't support circuit python but the trinket m0 does.

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