Understanding 42STH34 NEMA17 stepper Motors

I am building a roller blind control system using Arduino Uno,3- L298N drivers and 3-42STh34 stepper motors.

I have 2 42STH34-1540AC and 1 42STH34-0354A steppers
I am using pins 2, 3, 4, 5 on the arduino.
The arduino is powered from the USB connection.
The L298N motor power supply is 12Vdc 1.67A
At this time I am just trying to prove that each motor bridge pair will work and have only one driver connected to the power supply at a time.

With the 42STH34-0354A the L298N power light turns on steady and everything operates as per the sketch instructions.

Either of the 42STH34-1540AC connected to the same L298N and power supply cause the power light to flash and the stepper steps in time to the flash. The heat fins also get hot.

Is there somewhere that explains what the different versions of 42STH34 mean and why this situation exists.

Please post links to the motor data sheets.

The L298 is not a stepper driver. It is a brushed DC motor driver, and it will not deliver more than about 1A/channel without overheating and shutting down. However, it can be used for some high impedance steppers, as long as they draw less than about 1A/winding with a given power supply.

Does not help me understand why the situation described exists.

The L298N has many online projects using stepper motors, I understand there may be better controllers but these are the the parts I have on hand.

Thanks anyway

It is not possible to help if you don't supply the required information. In this case, you need to post links to the motor data sheets, as already requested.

For suggestions on how to post successfully, have a look at the "How to get the best out of the forum" post at the head of every forum topic.

You may find Stepper Motor Basics helpful.

The L298N has many online projects using stepper motors,

True. If the posted projects actually work (many don't), the stepper motors obey the restrictions mentioned in reply #1.